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The Circle of Life

  When Lauren was young, she loved the Disney movie, The Lion King. She wore clothes sporting the image of Simba, the lion cub. She created her own version of Pride Rock out in the garden. She spent endless hours… Continue Reading →

All Dogs Go to Heaven

I think there are “dog people,” “cat people,” and “animal people.” Although I love animals, including the occasional cat, I’m really a “dog person.” The first dog I remember loving was Rex, the farm dog. Rex belonged to my Granddad. He… Continue Reading →

For All the Blessings of the Year

When I was the Worship Leader, I picked out all the music for our church services. We had what was called a “blended” worship service meaning we sang both old hymns and newer praise songs. One Thanksgiving I was searching… Continue Reading →

A Day Remembered

Fifty three years ago today, shots rang out in Dallas that changed our world. Camelot mourned and the world mourned with her. There are images and times that are seared in the collective conscience of our humanity and the assassination… Continue Reading →

Basic Appropriate Behavior

Sometimes, I don’t recognize the world I live in. Up is down. Bad is Good. Good is Bad. What, not too many years ago, was considered wrong is applauded as right. The world, it appears (if you listen to the… Continue Reading →

Happily Ever After

I’ve always loved fairy tales and happy endings. So much so, that I wrote one and Man of My Dreams illustrated it! (But more about that later) But I have to admit, during my teenage angst, I found myself drawn to… Continue Reading →

Good Good Father

There may be a Scripture espousing the value of a father, but if there is, Google can’t find it nor does my concordance list it. Yet there is no doubt of a father’s value to his children because God, Himself,… Continue Reading →

Hot Today, Chili Tomorrow! (Well, actually, the day after!)

Today, Man of My Dreams and I laughed when I said I needed to go run before it got too hot. It’s November 15, folks and usually by now, it’s frozen multiple times and snowed at least once. Not this… Continue Reading →

Steps to Healing

Feelings since this election have run the gamut from joy and excitement to anger and disgust to fear and everything in between. Universities have cancelled classes and exams, provided times of coloring and play, sponsored cry-ins and scream fests and provided… Continue Reading →

Bound for State!

I grew up in a small town where Friday nights found us cheering for the Protection Panthers. In the 1970’s we had great football teams that regularly advanced to the 1A state play-offs. The whole town turned out for games. And… Continue Reading →

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