I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news. A large Christian ministry predicted that the world would end.


At 6 pm.

Beginning with mayhem in New Zealand and sweeping across the world as each time zone hits 6 PM.

I live in the Central Time Zone so the end hasn’t gotten here, but no reports of the End in New Zealand, so I think it is safe to say the prediction was wrong.

You know, the Bible says, “No one knows the day or the hour,” so I always find it amazing that through out history, there are those who spend time and energy trying to figure out the day and the hour. Those who believed the predictions sold their earthly goods, said tearful good-bye’s to loved ones, and hunkered down to wait for the end.

Don’t get me wrong. Jesus comes back and I’m outa here! I mean, the Bible says that in heaven there is no sickness, no disease, no tears, no sorrow. As I look around this world as creation groans waiting for His coming, as I see the darkness getting darker and the despair of those who don’t know there is a Savior (or those who do, but choose to ignore His sacrifice for them), as I look around as innocent people suffer, as disease wreaks havoc and pain on many lives, Heaven looks pretty good to me. My heart cries out, “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!”

And yet, some of those who do not know and some of those who choose their own way despite the Lord calling to them, are those I love. They are friends. They are family. They are neighbors. They are co-workers. They wait on me at the restaurant. They bag my groceries. They might even sit next to me in church on Sunday.

If I long for His coming to hasten, I am longing for them to spend eternity without Him.

So instead of being disappointed that at 6:01 I won’t be absent in my body and present with Jesus maybe I should spend my time wisely. Maybe I should go out into the highways and by-ways and tell others about Jesus.

One more time.

When the end does come, I don’t want those around me to cry out, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

We have free will and choice and there will always be those who turn away from Him. I heard a preacher say recently that some people say to God in this life, “I want to live my own way! I don’t want You!” so God grants their wish to be without Him in the next.


So what if today had been the end? It could have been. No one knows the day or hour but that doesn’t mean that God couldn’t have chosen today. If He had, I’d be with Jesus. Where would you be? (If you don’t know, please contact me and let’s chat about what it means to step over the line of faith that is the difference between life eternal and death.)