constitutionIt is late and we just got home after being gone all day.

I have argued with myself all day about what to write about the election if at all. I am happy with the outcome. Many are not.

So much has been written already. Could my words make any difference?

But several people have contacted me to say they were waiting to read my “election blog” so here it is for what it is worth.

We watched the results come in last night and though I had prayed fervently for an honest election and a decisive win so there was no question, I had a hard time believing what I was seeing.

Oh, ye, of little faith. Yep. Most times I’m not a spiritual giant!

It was a bit funny to me how the pundits had totally missed the will of the people. The commentators were stumbling all over themselves trying to explain what they were seeing, using words like “Stunning” and “Historic.”

It was both.

The Scripture that came to mind was 1 Corinthians 1: 27. “God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. And God has chosen what is weak in the world to shame the strong.”

Donald Trump has been described in many ways by the media and none of them flattering. His campaign, a reality TV show. Himself, an orange Cheeto. And worse. donald-trump

Foolish in their eyes.

His supporters are not the elite. Blue collar is the polite term. We all remember the Basket of Deplorables comment. People from fly over country. Little, unimportant people who don’t matter in the big scheme of things.

People who could be seen as weak to the rich and powerful.

The Scripture just fit for what I saw happen last night in a historic and stunning upset by We, the People.

But I’ve been grieved all day by the reactions and words of those who voted differently.

I “get” the hurt. The disappointment. The disbelief. Being stunned because you so wanted a different outcome.

I was there 4 years ago. I was there 8 years ago.

But what I don’t “get” is the name calling. The vitriol. The assumption that people like me who believe differently, who voted differently are racist, bigots who want to destroy our country. That we are the unwashed, uneducated, back woods, gun-toting miscreants who don’t have the good sense to want a woman in office who would continue the policies that have hospitals and businesses and manufacturing in our great nation circling the drain.

I do get that out of all the candidates, Trump was a controversial dark horse. He wasn’t my first choice. But he is where we have ended up and a whole lot of really good, hard working people put him in office.

Including me. And I will tell you that last night when he took the stage, I wept. Tears of relief. Tears of joy. Tears of hope.

And I fell to my knees and thanked God for this man who was willing to stay the course when his own party deserted him and the media and the DNC conspired against him.

He’s very wealthy. He has a lot of power from that wealth. In his own words, he has a great life. He didn’t need this. But he did it. And I am just naïve enough to believe he did it because he saw a need and believed he could help. That he had the skills to turn our country around. That he loved our country enough to make a difference. That as an outsider, he could do things differently than what has been done before.

Lots has been said about the evangelical Christians voting for such an imperfect, sinful man. Evangelical Christians who believed that God raised him up for such a time as this.

Did He?

I don’t know.

Folks, I’m not God. God is sovereign. God is good. God’s ways are higher than my ways according to Isaiah 55: 8-9. But any way you cut it, according to the “wise,” that stunning victory last night was a miracle.

Please understand, I’m not looking to Donald Trump to save me. I have a Savior.

But I was looking for a candidate who believes that life is valuable, that our Constitution is sacred and that there is a rule of law. I was looking for someone who would turn around the failed policies of the last 8 years–the flood of unvetted, illegal immigrants, the out of control entitlement spending, the debacle of the (Un) Affordable Care Act. I was looking for a candidate who truly loves America and does not apologize for what a great country this is, who would put the needs of our citizens first. I was looking for a candidate who would appoint Supreme Court Justices that would uphold our Constitution and balance the court. I was looking for a candidate who would restore unity to our country instead of stirring up strife.

And now the work begins.

I’m amazed as I read through comments on Facebook. Accusations and name calling. Threats and anger. One friend said she didn’t even want to be called a Christian if it was Christians who elected Trump.

And I read in the news about the protests against the election–although since we know there were paid protestors against Trump during the election along with paid agitators in Ferguson, MO, Occupy Wall Street and the like, I have a very strong suspicion this is more of the same and a way to foment unrest and incite fear of a Trump presidency.

It has been said, and I believe it to be true, that this election was about the elites vs the little guy. It was about much, much more, but that was a large part of it.

The people of our nation who get up every day and unlock the doors of their business or go to their jobs teaching school or pumping gas or working at the local hospital or the farmers who get in their tractors, who see their income shrinking and are buried under the alphabet soup of regulatory agencies finally said enough.


But now the work begins.

Many people voted. Many people prayed.

Some woke up ecstatic this morning and others…good people I know, were in tears–and not the tears that I shed election night. Some really good people are scared. Disappointed. Angry.

There is angst about how to explain to their children that a man who used really degrading language about women is now the President. (The same way I would have explained to my children that a woman who believes a baby just before birth has no rights and can be aborted is now the President)

As a friend of mine said, the President doesn’t control how you teach your children what is acceptable behavior. And obviously, we would hope that the President would be a good role model. We also hope those our children admire like professional athletes and famous actors and musicians would be good role models. But as Dr. Phil says, “How’s that workin for ya?”

But now the work begins.

And it takes all of us.wtp%20spread%20backgound

I saw a great meme on Facebook saying that wanting the President to fail is like wanting the pilot to crash the plane. We are all on the “plane” together, folks.

America has been called the great melting pot. Somewhere along the way, we decided not to melt. Oh, we always had our differences and distinctions but we came together, especially in crisis, as Americans.

Yes, there are Black Americans and Hispanic Americans. Chinese Americans. Americans who are First Nations peoples. Americans who trace their ancestry to Germany or England or Scotland or Russia. Many of us are the human version of the Heinz 57–we are a mix of races and ethnicities. But we are Americans.

And today, America is in crisis. We have enemies without and within that wish to destroy us. To destroy the freedom that our country is based on. Though I don’t agree with the destruction of property, I agree with your right to protest. Though I may disagree with you, I agree with your right to free speech.

It’s okay to disagree. We should have learned back in Kindergarten that we don’t always get our own way. That we take turns. That we treat others the way we want to be treated. That kindness matters.

That is America.

But folks, our economy is in the tank. We are sinking in debt. We have as many people not working in our country as are working. The healthcare program is not sustainable. We are sending billions of dollars to countries who hate us while our infrastructure crumbles. ISIS is a very real threat not just “over there” but here at home. US companies are leaving because they are drowning under the burdensome regulations of government that is out of control. Did you know that in some states you can’t collect rainwater because it now belongs to the government? That they can declare your ditch where rain water gathers to be a waterway and regulate it?

No. I’m not making that up. The inmates have been running the asylum.

We have very real problems.

Our house is on fire and we need to stop arguing about who is going to put out the fire or how we are going to put out the fire or if this or that person has the experience to put out the fire and put out the damn fire!

Before we all die in the fire.

Now the work begins.

Let’s roll up our collective sleeves and be a part of the solution whether we were for him or against him. If you’ve been praying, keep praying. He needs it! As I posted here the evil uncovered in our government is real and there will be push back. So regardless of where you stood in voting, let us pray for our nation and our President. If you don’t like Donald Trump and think he is an awful, evil man, pray for God to change his heart. Pray for God to use him in spite of himself. God did just that throughout the Bible. Pray for him to have strength for the battle and pray for his safety.

Let us pray for God to surround him with wise counsel. Pray God gives them wisdom in how to fix this mess we find ourselves in. Please pray for the safety of our Land. Please pray for each other. Pray for hearts to change and for our nation to come into alignment with God. It won’t be easy. Change is hard but God is good.

On a more tangible level, if you are unhappy, work towards change. Write letters. Respectfully offer your opinions and solutions (Can we please, please, learn to disagree without name calling and hatred? Sometimes people aren’t wrong. They just have a different opinion or experience than you!). Make phone calls. Volunteer. Look for ways to be the change you want to see. Look for where God is at work and join Him as Henry Blackaby says. Get involved. Make a difference.

It’s our country. We are all in this together.

We are Americans.

We are, We, the People.

ALL of us.

Let the work begin.