trumpprotestDear non-Trump Angry Voters,

Last night I wrote about how I get why you are mad. Why you are hurting. Disappointed. Stunned that your candidate didn’t win.

Yes. I’ve felt that way before. I get it. And it is hard.

You say you are all about love and tolerance and that is why you hate Trump.

But have you looked in the mirror since the election?

Because I’m not feeling the love.

I have friends who voted in all sorts of ways. I have friends who “stood on principle” and didn’t vote.

It’s a free country. Their choice.

It’s a free country. My choice was to vote for someone that you despise for a myriad of reasons.

I could list a whole lot of reasons (and have in the past) why I couldn’t vote for the other candidates and chose Trump. I could list a whole lot of reasons why I find HRC’s actions much worse than Trumps words.

We could go round and round but you’d never see it.

That’s fine.

We don’t all have to think the same way. I’m cool with that even though I will admit to not understanding the why of some of the differences in belief.

But it’s been a bit brutal since the election.

I’ve been called racist.

A bigot.

A homophobe.

An idiot.




Been told that I better protect my lady parts and lock up every female in the world because of Trumps words and the “legalization” of sexual assault. (Last time I checked, assault was still against the law)

I’ve seen posts about how it was only the uneducated white men who elected Trump. (Which is a bit confusing and defies logic if I’m supposed to protect my lady parts. Really.)

Been told that the only reason I voted and am happy is because of my “privilege.”

I’ve been told when the world implodes and we are all nuked, it is my fault.

And these are my “friends!”

I’ve seen protests with flag burnings and feces smearing and tweets for assassination of our President Elect and the murder of white people who elected Trump. tweets

And these are from those calling for tolerance.

There are petitions circulating to over turn the will of the people using the electoral college.

Really? Do you want to go there? Because I don’t think you really do because once we go there and circumvent our election process, there is no going back.

Do you realize how precious that freedom is? Ask someone who lives in a country without it.

Democracy is precious and rare.

Blood was shed for this country that you are so mad at. Patriots sacrificed and died so you have the right to speak up and vote and throw a temper tantrum because you aren’t happy. Think about that.

And think about the fact that the blood of every Patriot that died runs the same red as yours. As does everyone who disagrees with you.

It is our humanity and our differences that make our country great. That have given us the election system that is the envy of the world.

But you say it doesn’t matter because Trump is so awful and you hate him.

You say you hate Trump because he is against women. Historically, his campaign had the first woman chairman of a Presidential campaign and that shattered a glass ceiling. Women that work for him report being paid fairly and equally and treated with respect, but I guess that doesn’t matter to you.

You say you hate Trump because he hates Hispanics. In reality, he, like many other Americans wants the law to be followed for coming to our country. You are aware there is LEGAL immigration, right? (Let me ask you….you have a home or an apartment. Is it okay if anyone just climbs in the window or breaks down your door because they’d like to live there? Would you not lock the door, bar the window, etc. so that your home remained your home? Just asking….)

You say you hate Trump because he hates gays. Well, did you see the picture of him holding the rainbow flag and did you listen to his words yesterday about protecting LGBTQ citizens from discrimination?

I didn’t think so. You were probably too busy calling me a homophobe for voting for him.

Oh, and did you read the article from clear back in 2000 where now President Elect Trump was saying that the civil rights act should be expanded to include gay rights?

Probably not. Doesn’t fit your narrative.

You say you hate Trump because he hates Blacks. Well, friends like Don King, Al Sharpton, Herschel Walker, Muhammed Ali, Mike Tyson and others would disagree. They’ve been friends for years although they haven’t always agreed on everything. And according to his children, he bases who gets the job on talent, not race, gender or even education (IVY League education vs OJT) No one called him racist until he ran for President. Maybe because that fit the media narrative vs the truth.

You say you hate Trump because he hates Muslims and wants them to leave our country. Actually, reread my question about people crawling in your windows of your home. So, what if instead of wanting to live there with you, they were wanting to crawl in your window to set fire to your home or hit you over the head? Would that be okay? Or would you want a neighborhood watch that told you if something suspicious was coming your way?

Not every Muslim is a terrorist. I know that. He knows that. But the other thing we know is that terrorists have said they are using the immigrant crisis and our open borders to come into our country for terrorist attacks. And the reality is, these terrorists are Muslims.

It’s not hate to protect yourself and others from someone wanting to do you harm. Our own State Department (and that was on HRC’s watch) said that they have not/could not vet these immigrants and say they weren’t terrorists. But they still wanted to let them in! Does that even make common sense?

Maybe you are so altruistic that you are willing to open your home to a murderer who hates you and has vowed to kill you, but I’m not. And I don’t want to see any person be killed by terrorism. And we’ve seen plenty of it already. Here and around the world. So you know what? Slowing down on immigration until we can vet these people keeps all of us safe. That’s not hate. That’s smart. Though it may be hard to hear for people who know law abiding Muslim immigrants.

I’m watching the protests of those unhappy with the election and we know from the past that there are professional paid agitators and protestors against Trump. This is more of the same. You are getting manipulated. By a rich guy who hates America. If you aren’t familiar, just google George Soros. He is a mentor to Hillary Clinton. And he hates you and hates America.

You are getting used. If you supported Bernie and read the Wikileaks about how/why Bernie was defeated and the system was manipulated to defeat him, you should have learned by now that there are people out there who are taking your angst and using it for their own gain. Soros has poured huge amounts of money into the US to change election laws and fight voter ID initiatives. Why does he care? Ask yourself.

Anyway, back to the protests.

Don’t get me wrong. I totally support your right to be mad and not like the results and to make your opinions known. March up and down and hold signs and chant your disgust. All that is fine. But destroying property crosses the line. It makes you look like a two year old throwing a fit in the grocery store. It is not becoming and doesn’t help your cause.

But lets get back to my first point.

Where’s the love?

You say Donald Trump is hate filled. You tout your superior tolerance and how you embrace all people with all their differences. That you support everyone who is disenfranchised because life should be fair and all people have value no matter who they are. (Well, except the unborn, but I digress.)

It’s so “nice.” So inclusive. The generous, kinder, gentler, sweeter, love filled way to live. As opposed to us mean spirited, racist bigots.

All because we have a difference of opinion.

Do you get the disconnect? It is okay for you to hate me. It is okay for you to hate Donald Trump. It is okay for you to hate Christianity because you believe a different way. It is okay to hate those who are prolife because you believe in reproductive freedom. You have rights!

You call me names. You spew your opinions and judge me and those who believe differently than you do. In a word, you spew hate.

In the name of love.

But I’m the hateful one.


Only because we believe differently.

Do you see what circular thinking that is? You accuse me of hating anyone different from myself while you hate me for being different than you.

You say you’re all about the love, but frankly, I’m just not feeling it.

I don’t really like the word tolerance as it is used today, but if you are going to throw it around, perhaps you should consider this quote. tolerance-quoteAnd then go look in the mirror.

With Love,

A fellow human